Monday, October 20, 2008

A day on Social Web and OpenSocial with google

On Oct 17th, google hosted a seminar on Social Web and Opensocial api's. The Le' Meridian environment and quality of seminar was satisfactory. The Seminar was invite only.
It started with introductory note on social web and need of opensocial by Rajdeep Dua. The comes the next seminar much awaited "differences between 0.7 and 0.8 apis" by Anash Oommen. A very decent presentation by Anash.
With a small tea break a presentation on "shindig Architecture" by Rajdeep Dua who tried to make it a very complex topic as much as he can. This followed by a more complex presentation on "OpenSocial Compliance" ( God knows whether topic was complex or presentation :) ).
Then comes the lunch session but which was quite decent :). Immediately after lunch session Code Lab started ( I hate after lunch classes :( ) and team tried it best to make as complex as it can. It was a fail for me as my shindig php version was too adamant to run at all. I will dig it more as already got few interesting ideas in my mind.
In the end there were two presentation by google partners ( partners ? ). First one was by Impetus Technologies and was fair enough. Second one was by Satyam and the performance and content was dangerously below average. It was interesting experience for me ( for most of the others it was just another networking opportunity :) ). But overall I will wait for next google event.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mashlogic - Take back the web

Incubated by Bessemer Venture Partners is now open to private beta. It claims to inter- connect web globally in real sense by hyper linking the content to relevant information. MashLogic is a Firefox extension provides several mashes which user can configure according to his choice. The content in web page will be hyper linked to relevant information as per mashes configuration.
Whole idea is to provide user choice specific content delivery. Looks promising :).

Beta invitation can be joined at -