Monday, September 29, 2008

Amazee - Connect and Collaborate on shared goals

Amazee gives you a platform where you can get a ecosystem of similar liking people to evolve and develop a project.

you can -

1- start a project of your choice and people having same goal can join you to make your project a successful project.

2- can join others project if you find it interesting.

There exist different collaboration tools such as after starting project ask for alliance or join and sponsor other's project.

Whole idea looks promising but they need to do lot of work on application UI and performance issues.

jQuery and Microsoft

Is Microsoft going open source way ?

jQuery and Microsoft

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Socialbrowse - A collaborative view of web

Socialbrowse is a collaborative way of seeing a web page. It has three tools to share a webpage with your friends on socialbrowse.

1- A sidebar which shows latest shared links and comments.

2- A comment tool with which you can share your comments on a webpage with your socialbrowse friends.

3- Share the link of current visited page with your friends and they can also leave their comments on that page.

There are also share point system to show the popularity of a shared link.