Friday, January 18, 2008

Major patch release for CodeMunch v0.4

CodeMunch team has released a major patch for v0.4. It has fixed and implemented many bugs and enhancement related to Groups module. New flow of group module will give a short summary of various group activities to anonymous user also. CodeMunch team has come up with a more userfriendly UI for userlist page. It will help user to find profile of similar domain. It implemented the CodeMunch user's demand for keyword based search.
CodeMunch team is now gearing for mega 0.5 release.

Friday, January 11, 2008

CodeMunch - A resume and tech profile builder

It has been a long time when I wrote anything for my blog. Friends, i was busy in trying to build a new social networking web application with help of dedicated and hardworking team. I feel proud to inform that we have already released 4 beta version of CodeMunch.
CodeMunch assures a more serious version of social networking site which will ensure not only informal chit chat but also it will build your resume and upgrade your technical knowledge with help of different tech forums.