Sunday, August 19, 2007

Learning from Shriya

Today my 9 month child taught me great lesson. While playing with me, she accidentally put her hand on F12 key of my laptop. It opened the firebug window. Till now i was unaware of this option. This incident has taught me that by learning the optimal use of all short keys i can save a lot of valuable time of mine.

List of common keyboard shortcuts can be found on this page -

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sixty years and we as a citizen

Today is diamond celebration year for Indian independence day. In India 60th year in a persons life marks of major change in life. It is a sign of achieving a full maturity where you can see and taste the fruits of all your hard work performed in life. Similarly as a nation 60 years expects maturity in responsible behavior and culture in citizens. But two recent experiences shows that as a nation, somehow we failed to achieve that maturity. Today where all kinds of media shouting against govt departments apathy towards aam janata ( common citizen) problem, shockingly my recent exp shows that problem lies somewhere in basic culture in us.

Incident no 1- Few days back i tried to get a DL from local RTO office. I gone through all the neccesary steps before applying for DL like enrolement to a driving school and then applied for LL. Till here life was smooth, then comes the difficult part when i applied for DL. By all the rules i had gonethrough the tests as per the rto norms and also cleared it ( as my motor driving school instructor shown me original papers). But looks like my driving school didnt pay proper fees to rto officer ( which he has fixed inaddition to govt fixed fees) so he returned all the papers and asked us to gothrough the test again. We accepeted this also and gone through the test again but still i am waiting for any response for my DL ( as they are still settling the money after mid year fee hike RTO officer).

Incident no 2- I applied for a broadband connection to Tataindicom. After fifteen days, they were still confused that my residential area comes in their network area or not. Looks like VSNL and Tataindicom has different views. So their one customer care executive informed me that i will get my money back and other is saying that i will get the connection.
This shows that its not the difference of govt sector and pvt sector. It is the shear mentality and work culture of us as citizen That is making us slow as a nation.