Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Google API has a BUG

Recently i was checking Google federated login API implementation with Zoho. While using Google login facility with Zoho I encountered a BIG error. I logged in to Zoho with "Sign in using Google" facility. After using it when i logged out of Zoho, I found that i was still logged in in my Google account. Looks like this api has logged me in my Google account also in the background. This is a BIG bug in a country like India where maximum internet users use public places for internet access.

Monday, October 20, 2008

A day on Social Web and OpenSocial with google

On Oct 17th, google hosted a seminar on Social Web and Opensocial api's. The Le' Meridian environment and quality of seminar was satisfactory. The Seminar was invite only.
It started with introductory note on social web and need of opensocial by Rajdeep Dua. The comes the next seminar much awaited "differences between 0.7 and 0.8 apis" by Anash Oommen. A very decent presentation by Anash.
With a small tea break a presentation on "shindig Architecture" by Rajdeep Dua who tried to make it a very complex topic as much as he can. This followed by a more complex presentation on "OpenSocial Compliance" ( God knows whether topic was complex or presentation :) ).
Then comes the lunch session but which was quite decent :). Immediately after lunch session Code Lab started ( I hate after lunch classes :( ) and team tried it best to make as complex as it can. It was a fail for me as my shindig php version was too adamant to run at all. I will dig it more as already got few interesting ideas in my mind.
In the end there were two presentation by google partners ( partners ? ). First one was by Impetus Technologies and was fair enough. Second one was by Satyam and the performance and content was dangerously below average. It was interesting experience for me ( for most of the others it was just another networking opportunity :) ). But overall I will wait for next google event.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mashlogic - Take back the web

Incubated by Bessemer Venture Partners is now open to private beta. It claims to inter- connect web globally in real sense by hyper linking the content to relevant information. MashLogic is a Firefox extension provides several mashes which user can configure according to his choice. The content in web page will be hyper linked to relevant information as per mashes configuration.
Whole idea is to provide user choice specific content delivery. Looks promising :).

Beta invitation can be joined at -

Monday, September 29, 2008

Amazee - Connect and Collaborate on shared goals

Amazee gives you a platform where you can get a ecosystem of similar liking people to evolve and develop a project.

you can -

1- start a project of your choice and people having same goal can join you to make your project a successful project.

2- can join others project if you find it interesting.

There exist different collaboration tools such as after starting project ask for alliance or join and sponsor other's project.

Whole idea looks promising but they need to do lot of work on application UI and performance issues.

jQuery and Microsoft

Is Microsoft going open source way ?

jQuery and Microsoft

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Socialbrowse - A collaborative view of web

Socialbrowse is a collaborative way of seeing a web page. It has three tools to share a webpage with your friends on socialbrowse.

1- A sidebar which shows latest shared links and comments.

2- A comment tool with which you can share your comments on a webpage with your socialbrowse friends.

3- Share the link of current visited page with your friends and they can also leave their comments on that page.

There are also share point system to show the popularity of a shared link.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

An Indian startup company

In an old essay Paul grahm has written three basic requirements for a successful startup.
1-to start with good people
2- to make something customers actually want
3- to spend as little money as possible.

Lets analyse these three points in Indian context.

Very first point is a problem in India. Who is good people ? If you want a real good software engineer then you have only one option in India is to hire peoplw from IIT's. But seeing salary centric work culture it will be a huge pressure on small pocket of a startup. So what is the alternative ? this the point where most the startup fail in India. They go for intermediate level of programmers ( 1-2 year exp) came out from horrable knowledge mines ( read new breed of engineering collages).
Solution - Go for freshers and harnesh their infinte capacity to work on your dream project.

The second point is well known fact whether you are starting a comapny or your PHD. You need to know which existing problem you are going to solve and how it will effect the masses ( read interest of customers).
Solution - Define your problem first before starting to find a solution.

Third point is the most important for a startup. A startup always has a small money to start their idea ( they have only one thing big is ideas). So they have to spend minimum ( read wisely). It is very important for startup to be always a extra care full about where they spend money means a single penny spent is adding a value to company or not.
Few examples are a well decorated office is less important than a laptop for every employee to work in a flexible working hours, a yearly outing a must for a small team etc.

So inthe last as Paul Grahm has rightly said "Most startups that fail do it because they fail at one of these. A startup that does all three will probably succeed".

Friday, January 18, 2008

Major patch release for CodeMunch v0.4

CodeMunch team has released a major patch for v0.4. It has fixed and implemented many bugs and enhancement related to Groups module. New flow of group module will give a short summary of various group activities to anonymous user also. CodeMunch team has come up with a more userfriendly UI for userlist page. It will help user to find profile of similar domain. It implemented the CodeMunch user's demand for keyword based search.
CodeMunch team is now gearing for mega 0.5 release.