Sunday, December 10, 2006

Riding the stars

In less than two months Sunita williams has proved that we can break any myth about weak race, weak sex and under developed sub continent. It is the will power with that any one can achieve any hights in life.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

FOSS.IN 2006

This year foss started with low key note. It was inaugarated by Atul chitnis. Atul chitnis was the organizer of this event. He is big advocate of open source in India. There were certainly few good talks there. One of the good talk i remember was about commercial open source. This event is a good show of activities of open source in India. But similar to last year, this year also the whole spirit of this event is marred by the google agenda of "poaching people from same fraternity". This event should be the mouth peice of open source but Google is using it for "easy poaching of emplyees from other open source companies" with help of money. This can be felt by seeing long queue in front of google stall for registration. Hope they will have better sense of responsibilty in the next FOSS.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

10% Innovation

I am really impressed by google's 20% innovation strategy. It gives space to an individual programmer to innovate and show his skills in his area or topic of choice. I will highly reccomend to new startup to adopt 10% innovation strategy. This will give startup a good amount of time to work on their project and simultanously give programmer also a fair amount of time to work for their choice of topic. Always remember that if google wouldn't have adopted this then they couldn't have develope adsense, google suggest and orkut like products. These products require efforts similar a full company product.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Making mark in every field

Today again India showed to world that they have enough potential to make a mark in every field of life. Kiran desai won this year's booker prize for her book " Inheritence of loss ". This book describes an emotioanal saga of families who are shifted to west and now trying to balance between east and west cultures.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Scale and Quality

The new driving force of global economy are scale and quality. The challange is now to have scale that is global in size without compromising the quality. The capital is not a issue now in today's global economy. My experience of last couple of project management says that today clients are more concerned about timely execution of projects and quality of work than the cost of the project. So, message is clear that quality is non negotiable. There is no dearth of capital. Companies, who can show management bandwidth to balance scale and quality will be the new force of technology world.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Solution for puzzle12-4-06

I found this puzzle on this site. As i promised to publish the solution for this puzzle after 15 days( I think i am late little bit ), i am giving the URL of same site to read the solution for puzzle.


Sunday, April 23, 2006


The cURL libraries provide a nice interface for file transfers to and from a webserver. They have support for a wide variety of protocols (like HTTPS) giving them an edge over built-in PHP functions like fsockopen(). The libraries are thread-safe, IPv6 compatible, and will work with any technology that is built on top of HTTP. Whether you are building simple script to fetch a web page, or a secure payment gateway, leveraging the functions built into cURL can save a lot of time.
cURL stands for "Client URLs", and was developed by Daniel Stenberg in 1998 as a command line tool. libcurl is a portable library that provides an easy interface to the cURL functionality.
Both cURL and libcurl can transfer files using a wide variety of protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, GOPHER, LDAP, DICT, TELNET and FILE.
The cURL libraries are truly open source, with an MIT/X derivative license.
From PHP version 4.2.3 on, you need a cURL version of at least 7.9.0. From PHP version 4.3.0 on, you need a cURL version of at least 7.9.8.
Linux-After installing cURL (./configure, make, make install), PHP must be recompiled to include cURL support (--with-curl).
If cURL support is enabled, the phpinfo() function will display it in its output.
Windows – A good article can be found here
On windows check for path of php.ini path, for windows default path is C://windows so make sure that you are making changes to correct php.ini file.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Try to solve this

Three people enter the room, each with a hat on their head. There are two colors of hats: red and blue; they are assigned randomly. Each person can see the hats of the two other people, but they can't see their own hats. Each person can either try to guess the color of their own hat or pass. All three do it simultaneously, so there is no way to base their guesses on the guesses of others. If nobody guesses incorrectly and at least one person guesses correctly, they all share a big prize. Otherwise they all lose.

One more thing: before the contest, the three people have a meeting during which they decide their strategy. What is the best strategy?

Total time to solve this puzzle is 15 days. After fifteen days you can check this blog to get the correct answer.