Thursday, November 30, 2006

FOSS.IN 2006

This year foss started with low key note. It was inaugarated by Atul chitnis. Atul chitnis was the organizer of this event. He is big advocate of open source in India. There were certainly few good talks there. One of the good talk i remember was about commercial open source. This event is a good show of activities of open source in India. But similar to last year, this year also the whole spirit of this event is marred by the google agenda of "poaching people from same fraternity". This event should be the mouth peice of open source but Google is using it for "easy poaching of emplyees from other open source companies" with help of money. This can be felt by seeing long queue in front of google stall for registration. Hope they will have better sense of responsibilty in the next FOSS.